Sunday, 25 June 2017

First day out and major problem

The remote on the left is my old 3 function that I used on my old  Wopa 51 and the remote on the right is the new 5 function on my new Wopa 51.

Now let me explain! Old remote has "on / off" red and green then button underneath red is yoke close button like the new remote on the right the new remote is also yoke close,  when trimming the next move with the remote is to drop the bar behind the cows rump and after 8 years this is second nature😳😳 ON THE NEW REMOTE  the same button is open yoke. So yesterday I missed the 1st cow and 3 more drawing a hoof trimming session with a large number of cow missing the opportunity to make a quick get away before I rectified the open yoke. 

I would like to apologise to farms I will visit in the next few weeks for a number of cows that are presented for me but missed😬😬😬😬 

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