Sunday, 26 February 2017

Green shoe heater box for the KVK

We use a number of different blocks on cows to help in the improvement of mobility on cattle with problems on farm visits..
One we use the Demotec Green shoe, standard and XL sized, simple mix system, good easy fitting and long lasting and simple to remove when served it purpose in the treatment of lameness.
For the shoe to set it is recommended that the liquid and powder is warm. Heated liquid can accelerate  the application of a block mix.  This is why we have a heater box on all crushes. We use a electric dehorning iron to heat the box and a rode in the iron my be used in heating the liquid first when in the shoe before adding the power to accelerate the reaction of heating.


The Hoofman Wopa build diary

Bolted ½ “ rubber matting to the yoke to reduce radial nerve , to reduce the noise of the yoke door, to absorb shoulder in pack when entering the crush  add comfort to cows that push into a yoke.
We use a rubber belly band for comfort to the animal, less slip over the rib, easy to clean and lay flat when lowered.
We put elastic rope to the belly band chain to bring the belly band back to the correct position when loading the crush,

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Hoofman KVK 800-1 team trim

The KVK suits big days with one trimmer and a helper. Suits a total herd trims with an efficient machine that makes cow flow a pleasure and financially more beneficial to dairy farmers.

Charging both KVKs every weekend ready to correct the uneven charge during a weeks work.

Full race system can be carried on the KVK when needed. Prattly handling system suits the KVK system, very light, tall and well built.

The Hoofman Wopa build diary

Over the years I have purchased a number of Wopa trimming crushes and adapted them to suit the hoof trimmer and UK farms.

Looked at the new Wopa 61 and didn’t think it addressed the concerns a hoof trimming contractor has. The dairy industry is growing and the machines need to be more efficient but still simple, reliable, affordable and work within regulations set out by health & safety and other government organisations.

We purchased a static Wopa 51 in January 2017 and will keep a diary of what alterations and upgrades we do over the next few months.

 I would appreciate any input from other trimmers.
Crush 6 Function Hydraulic with Lithium Battery
Extra Height
Hydraulic Lift System 51/41
Set Plates against kicking
Remote Control 51 (5 Function)
Gate Walk Through
Leg Lifter Back
Swivel Clip
Leg Lifter. Front
Removable Support for Lamp
LED Work Light
Hydraulic Lift System 51/41 (flow divider)
Extra Protection Front Leg (bolt on)

National Assocation of Cattle Foot Trimmers Conference

All booked and looking forward to it

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Find a registered cattle mobility scorer for your Supermarket contract requirements

The first batch of 50 registered cattle mobility scores needed for the Supermarket milk contract producers.  A register that has standards that are monitored by a recognised governing body and members that are experienced in cattle mobility. Talk to your local hoof trimmer for more information.
To find out more go to and find a registered mobility scorer

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Inspect to prevent lameness

Yes inspect 2 or 3 times a year to prevent lameness but only trim if needed. A good hoof trimmer will look and clean the cows feet first with a handful of wood shavings , he may then use his knife. A bad hoof trimmer will look for his grinder first and use it. Which trimmers is making money for his customer !!!!!