Saturday, 24 December 2016

What may 2017 hold for the hoof trimmer

These are my own thoughts but interested to hear what everyone thinks and the way forward in other countries.

I see so many times hoof trimmers from other countries demonstrating that they don’t want to regulated by some government department that doesn’t understand the industry. Here in the UK the feeling is the same with UK hoof trimmers but it is not the government that we see controlling our hoof trimming business.

The UK is seen to be leading the way in regulations, the only reason is that that the UK is a small country that changes can be implemented very quickly.

The UK is a small country but with social media the general public are seeing animal welfare, antibiotic usage and British farmers milk prices and are demonstrating with their pockets . Large supermarkets outlets now want to be seen as animal and UK farmer friendly so look for advice from animal welfare groups, vets, health & safety  and reprehensive farmers groups. The milk buyers now in the UK say where farmers can sell your calves, monitor what drugs farmers  use, promote open farm days for the general public to see happy grass feed  cows and compulsory send auditors in to monitor farmers profits. What now is happening is that the supermarkets are requesting the suppliers of other milk based products also abide by the same standards if they want to be on the supermarket shelves.

Supermarkets want to be in front of the competitors. 6 months ago one supermarket in the UK requested that dairy cow mobility scoring be done by a registered person and now farms with high lameness will get penalized on the farmers milk pence per litre if over a set standard of expectable  lameness and a registered person mobility scoring can be monitored and evaluated if inconsistent.

A few members of the UK foot trimmers association “NACFT” are on the supermarket advisory panels and gained the opportunity “before other organisation did” for the NACFT to manage the mobility scoring register and qualification. The qualification in open to anyone wishing to be a mobility scoring person not just hoof trimmers.

We all know it is a matter of time before UK supermarkets implement that all milk produces have registered hoof trimmers on farm, two are already recommending and advising on how to find registered hoof trimmers and mobility scoring persons. We have been told soon supermarkets will advertise monitoring  lameness and penalise poor welfare which looks good for the general public purchasing milk in their stores if the store is proactive welfare.


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