Sunday, 15 May 2016

Hoofman Team

The Hoofman team specialise in cow hoof trimming. Professionally known as Bovine Claw Technicians, who’s main aim is to correctly trim and balance the weight bearing surface on the bovine hoof. Hoof trimming cows is done in order to correct posture, mobility and/or alleviate pain, using specialist tools and equipment. This in turn promotes better animal welfare, performance and profitability by trained and qualified operatives.

The Hoofman Ltd started in the business of cow hoof trimming in 1995 when Charlie Harding attended a 4 day Dutch Claw Trimming course at the Willows Vet Practice in Cheshire. The first year he performed cow hoof trimming on 769 cows in total then the next year he purchased one of the first hydraulic trimming crates and started to increase his hoof trimming throughout and knowledge of cow claw ailments. The Hoofman to date have purchased over 20 Wopa contractor model crushes

In 1998 he joined the newly formed National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers and soon became an active member on the committee. The main aims of the Association have been to bring together cow hoof trimmers and interested parties to disseminate information especially in the light of the present welfare changes in farming. The Association has continually increased in credibility and is recognised and respected by The Veterinary Associations, Animal Welfare organisations and cow Hoof Trimming Associations from around the world. The Association has improved professionalism within the trade and encouraged foot trimmers to take their training further. Bovine Claw Technicians are now reassessed every 2 years to correct bad habits and to encourage a better standard of hoof trimming.

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