Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Hoofman Wopa build diary

Over the years I have purchased a number of Wopa trimming crushes and adapted them to suit the hoof trimmer and UK farms.

Looked at the new Wopa 61 and didn’t think it addressed the concerns a hoof trimming contractor has. The dairy industry is growing and the machines need to be more efficient but still simple, reliable, affordable and work within regulations set out by health & safety and other government organisations.

We purchased a static Wopa 51 in January 2017 and will keep a diary of what alterations and upgrades we do over the next few months.

 I would appreciate any input from other trimmers.
Crush 6 Function Hydraulic with Lithium Battery
Extra Height
Hydraulic Lift System 51/41
Set Plates against kicking
Remote Control 51 (5 Function)
Gate Walk Through
Leg Lifter Back
Swivel Clip
Leg Lifter. Front
Removable Support for Lamp
LED Work Light
Hydraulic Lift System 51/41 (flow divider)
Extra Protection Front Leg (bolt on)

1 comment:

  1. I think the rest gates are easily the biggest let down on these crushes. I think they provide very little safety for both the cattle and the trimmer as well as being very poor for quick and easy access. Some sort of aluminium back frame with gates would be more beneficial.