Thursday, 26 January 2017

Watch and understand lameness

I would like all our customers to watch this video to help understand lameness.
The aim of the Hoofman team is to prevent lameness in dairy cows and understanding how and why cows go lame will help prevent lame cows which is profit to our customers, help us block less feet and prevent lameness

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Find a foot trimmer

Was told last week at a AHDB meeting it is difficult to find a registered cattle hoof trimmer in the UK.


Saturday, 14 January 2017

NACFT membership licence

The NACFT  have been asked to design a form of badge to be displayed that the a hoof trimmer is a current member of the NACFT and every year a new licence badges are sent to all members very much like the road fund licence. Trimmers may like to display this on their vehicle and may like to award to a small number of their customers.

Monday, 2 January 2017

All4feet Hoof Reports

These are reports that have been sent up to the All4feet site from the trimmers tablet and require conformation by you before the farmer and consultants are notified of updated reports