Sunday, 30 July 2017

US & Canadian hoof trimmers lead the way in data usage in controling lameness

Trip to US with the new All4feet Zone tablet and came back some new ideas from hoof trimmers that are so forward thinking . Great response from the US & Canadian trimmers. A new approach to tackling lameness with detailed data. A greater awareness of using data themselves with benchmarking named farms of quality, sharing data with input and working as a team. But what came across was the requirement of speed in recording. Saving 15 seconds a cow recording on a 120 cow trimming day adds up to half an hour a day saved. The machines, team work and the cow flow is so efficient when watching trimming demonstrations, everything is measured in time and motion.   Hopefully have the Zone tablet on the market in December.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

New employee 

Some of you may have meet the Hoofman new employee Lizzie. Very polite, good with cows, keen to work, learn and gets on well with the Hoofman team. Now learning and gaining experience of lameness on dairy units while working with the hoof trimmers but in the future taking on the evermore demand in mobility scoring and the requirements and standards that milk buyers are demanding.

Lizzie Harding making me a very proud dad

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Customise your Wopa chute

Why not customise your Wopa chute. Come and see the Hoofman chute in action and build a chute that suits your trimming needs.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

First day out and major problem

The remote on the left is my old 3 function that I used on my old  Wopa 51 and the remote on the right is the new 5 function on my new Wopa 51.

Now let me explain! Old remote has "on / off" red and green then button underneath red is yoke close button like the new remote on the right the new remote is also yoke close,  when trimming the next move with the remote is to drop the bar behind the cows rump and after 8 years this is second nature😳😳 ON THE NEW REMOTE  the same button is open yoke. So yesterday I missed the 1st cow and 3 more drawing a hoof trimming session with a large number of cow missing the opportunity to make a quick get away before I rectified the open yoke. 

I would like to apologise to farms I will visit in the next few weeks for a number of cows that are presented for me but missed😬😬😬😬 

Grinders placed

I have three grinders " hand held electric rasp for shaving small chips of hoof from a cows claw by a professional claw technician " set on the crush when working. They are 900 watt Metabo grinders with 6 bit 3mm trim tec discs. All blades all face away from the operated. All grinders are bandaged up so if heavily soiled when working a new bandage can be applied. We have a spare grinder for back feet as that grinder has twice the work load and will need replacement tips sooner than the front two grinders, Aluminium guards are added to protect hands from hoof discharge and all grinders have start buttons on the top of the grinders so for more controlled switching. 

The grinder is placed that what ever the high of the crush the grinder can be easily to hand. 

The front grinders are located best for when the crush is a full height for the trimmer to collect and replace yet still out of the working zone

All sorted

Ready for work tomorrow

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Trial setup

Have at last got the Wopa 51 ready for work and before going out to work I video a trial setup.
The biggest problem I have is the 5 function remote control come off a 3 function, looks like it could be a problem. Excuse the foliage mid screen and the photo bomb by my mate Bo the dog 

Heater box built on

Setup so heating when plugged in mains supply so blocks will set quicker when positioned on a foot. 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Hoofman Branding setup

This is the branding setup Charlie & Connor both have for branding on farm. Competitive rates and professional results. 2" 1/2 brands, 2" brands and alphabetical letters 2"

Monday, 12 June 2017

Wopa hoof trimming crushTrailor

Have purchase an Ivor Williams  twin axel plant trailor with low profile tyres for more stability and smooth transport over rough farm tracks to carry the Wopa static crush.
Have put a wireless controlled 4 ton winch on so I can steer the crush on to the trailor when loading. The winch is connect by a plug bolted on the drawbar to the battery on the Peugeot Expert van
Total weight of crush and trailor is 1620 kgs with the crush positioned correctly putting 40kgs weigh on the draw bar of the vehicle. 

Bright light

We have mounted high brightness led lights for working. Two lights over the back feet to reduce shadows and long light on front for a wider and more direct view. We have one mounted on the front of the crush that runes of the battery for that early morning set up.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

More detailed recording 

Working on more detailed recording on farm for more information for farm consultants. The location of DD is something that no consultants request but would be so beneficial to determining the means of prevention and treatments. So much DD recorded on wall ulcers and white line on grass grazing systems yet no DD on the back of the claw. More DD seen on intensive heifer rearing units in the front of the claw and coronary band.
Working as a team to understand and control DD is the future and profit in the dairy industry.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

All4feet mouse mat

Hoofman Ltd is sending all our customer All4feet mouse mats with their user name printed on for easy access to their latest hoof reports and their next routine visit date. Vets, herdsmen and Consultants will receive their free offer by sending address details to  requesting the All4feet mat.

“What hoof trimming frequency is best for my herd”

 “What hoof trimming frequency is best for my herd” is an understandable question. It should be built on the following fundamental statement: “The goal of successful hoof care is to prevent serious problems and control lameness as early as possible”.
What does it take…?
Trimming is often a chore which does not appear on the top of a to-do list, that is when you are not addicted to trimming. The following question was raised in my trimming practice:
There are different opinions about what is the best hoof trimming frequency in a dairy herd. How often should my herd need trimming to ensure proper hoof health? What should a person look for?
Let me start with a quote:
Your herd and ££ gains are so much better when you prevent lameness from occurring (wherever you can)!”
The answer for an optimum hoof trimming schedule is to provide the best hoof care possible to prevent lameness, instead of treating lameness after it has occurred. Let me break this down a little further…
Providing proper cow care is the key to prevent lameness caused by environmental factors, such as:
  • Your herd’s housing facilities.
  • Feeding.
  • Flooring, etc.
These factors should be optimized in order to ensure optimal hoof care and herd health to prevent lameness. Talk to your professional advisers (hoof trimmers, veterinarians and nutritionists) about what you can do to improve.
Properly managing these factors will increase your bottom-line significantly!

Hoof trimming frequency will increase when infectious diseases are present.

Different infectious hoof diseases could be present in our herds. This may include:
These infectious hoof problems will require a more frequent trimming plan.

Also cow specific factors have an impact on Hoof Care

Beyond a preventative hoof care approach for the overall herd, there are also ‘cow-specific’ factors, such as:
  • Genetics.
  • Stage in lactation.
  • Previous lameness issues, etc.
Generally, one herd is perhaps seeing more lameness than another, but also one cow within the same herd tends to be more prone than the others. 

What is the best practice for hoof trimming scheduling?

Usually, a guideline for best hoof care practice is that every animal should be checked twice a year, emphasizing ‘checked’!
Over-trimming a cow does not benefit anyone.
The easy steps in short are: Lift the hoof. If the cow’s hoof looks good, you’ve confirmed and ensured adequate hoof health, and she’s good again for another 6 months!
An added value could be to increase the hoof trimming frequency for selected cows (I’m referring to that particular animal that is prone to lameness), and thereby making sure this group of ‘special-needs’ cows is checked again in, say, 3 months.
The impact of preventive trimming is often underestimated, and that, instead of preventative hoof care, the ‘curative’ approach is taken, which often only deals with lameness. Obviously this latter approach is not very profitable, and my advice is to determine the lameness rate in your herd and do the math. If it is higher than 2% per month, you should increase your hoof care efforts and trim more frequently.

Some producers like the idea of ‘whole herd’ trimming to get it done and over with, and others like to see their trimmer monthly. Either of these strategies is great, but the latter needs some proper record keeping. A few years ago, on the Hoof Care & Health Conference in Lancaster, PA, I met various professional trimmers. Even ‘large-dairy-trimmers’ are promoting the ‘whole-herd-at-once’ approach to hoof care: you get so much further ahead in your prevention efforts.
Regular hoof care is beneficial for your herd and your bottom line.
In addition to the above, I would like to emphasize the importance of the individual cow hoof care approach: when you notice her lame, you should check her foot!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Interactive All4feet Website

All farmers can now search on line at information on cattle that have been trimmed between two selected dates.
 Farmers can also search their mobility scorings on the All4feet site

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Green shoe heater box for the KVK

We use a number of different blocks on cows to help in the improvement of mobility on cattle with problems on farm visits..
One we use the Demotec Green shoe, standard and XL sized, simple mix system, good easy fitting and long lasting and simple to remove when served it purpose in the treatment of lameness.
For the shoe to set it is recommended that the liquid and powder is warm. Heated liquid can accelerate  the application of a block mix.  This is why we have a heater box on all crushes. We use a electric dehorning iron to heat the box and a rode in the iron my be used in heating the liquid first when in the shoe before adding the power to accelerate the reaction of heating.


The Hoofman Wopa build diary

Bolted ½ “ rubber matting to the yoke to reduce radial nerve , to reduce the noise of the yoke door, to absorb shoulder in pack when entering the crush  add comfort to cows that push into a yoke.
We use a rubber belly band for comfort to the animal, less slip over the rib, easy to clean and lay flat when lowered.
We put elastic rope to the belly band chain to bring the belly band back to the correct position when loading the crush,

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Hoofman KVK 800-1 team trim

The KVK suits big days with one trimmer and a helper. Suits a total herd trims with an efficient machine that makes cow flow a pleasure and financially more beneficial to dairy farmers.

Charging both KVKs every weekend ready to correct the uneven charge during a weeks work.

Full race system can be carried on the KVK when needed. Prattly handling system suits the KVK system, very light, tall and well built.

The Hoofman Wopa build diary

Over the years I have purchased a number of Wopa trimming crushes and adapted them to suit the hoof trimmer and UK farms.

Looked at the new Wopa 61 and didn’t think it addressed the concerns a hoof trimming contractor has. The dairy industry is growing and the machines need to be more efficient but still simple, reliable, affordable and work within regulations set out by health & safety and other government organisations.

We purchased a static Wopa 51 in January 2017 and will keep a diary of what alterations and upgrades we do over the next few months.

 I would appreciate any input from other trimmers.
Crush 6 Function Hydraulic with Lithium Battery
Extra Height
Hydraulic Lift System 51/41
Set Plates against kicking
Remote Control 51 (5 Function)
Gate Walk Through
Leg Lifter Back
Swivel Clip
Leg Lifter. Front
Removable Support for Lamp
LED Work Light
Hydraulic Lift System 51/41 (flow divider)
Extra Protection Front Leg (bolt on)

National Assocation of Cattle Foot Trimmers Conference

All booked and looking forward to it

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Find a registered cattle mobility scorer for your Supermarket contract requirements

The first batch of 50 registered cattle mobility scores needed for the Supermarket milk contract producers.  A register that has standards that are monitored by a recognised governing body and members that are experienced in cattle mobility. Talk to your local hoof trimmer for more information.
To find out more go to and find a registered mobility scorer

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Inspect to prevent lameness

Yes inspect 2 or 3 times a year to prevent lameness but only trim if needed. A good hoof trimmer will look and clean the cows feet first with a handful of wood shavings , he may then use his knife. A bad hoof trimmer will look for his grinder first and use it. Which trimmers is making money for his customer !!!!!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Watch and understand lameness

I would like all our customers to watch this video to help understand lameness.
The aim of the Hoofman team is to prevent lameness in dairy cows and understanding how and why cows go lame will help prevent lame cows which is profit to our customers, help us block less feet and prevent lameness

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Find a foot trimmer

Was told last week at a AHDB meeting it is difficult to find a registered cattle hoof trimmer in the UK.


Saturday, 14 January 2017

NACFT membership licence

The NACFT  have been asked to design a form of badge to be displayed that the a hoof trimmer is a current member of the NACFT and every year a new licence badges are sent to all members very much like the road fund licence. Trimmers may like to display this on their vehicle and may like to award to a small number of their customers.

Monday, 2 January 2017

All4feet Hoof Reports

These are reports that have been sent up to the All4feet site from the trimmers tablet and require conformation by you before the farmer and consultants are notified of updated reports