Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Hoofman start to print invoices on farm

High quality A4 printing on the move

The All4feet  mobile printers finally offer businesses a reliable way of producing high quality A4 sized prints wherever and whenever they are required. Featuring direct thermal printing, this technology is considered by many to be the only reliable solution for mobile print applications. And as no ink, toner or ribbons are used, this ensures hoof trimmers don't have to source expensive replacements when they run out - the only consumable used is the paper itself.

Compact and lightweight

Despite its incredibly small size and lightweight design, the development and manufacturing process has been focussed on producing a durable, professional printer that can be carried in a computer bag, or permanently mounted in a vehicle.


Bluetooth and USB connectivity

Offering the flexibility of both wired or wireless connections means you can connect to a wide variety of devices such as Android tablets and smartphones and laptops.

Bluetooth data transmission is fast and secure thanks to Bluetooth

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