Sunday, 25 September 2016

All4feet insight

Don't know what you know about the all4feet program but in Feb 2015 I had a plan, Nov 2015 I had my first demo tablet and Jan 2016 we had 6 tables working together. Feb 2016 sold the first tablet. Now we have 28 tablets to hoof trimmers with over 100,000 cows recorded already and 3000 farm reports.
It's like building a house, plans, footings and build. It is a three year build and we have a site, tablet and program with each month a small update version going out to all tablets, sometimes the trimmers site or the tablet. This month is the farmer recording tablet managed by the hoof trimmer. Next month new look face for the tablet and mobility scoring. November invoicing and printer which I am trialing now, Dec hope to go back to the site and make it more interactive for farmers and consultants as the we should have 150,000 cows data to use. Next year I hope to be transfusing data to and from other dairy management sites and someone to use the data to help with the improvement of dairy cow welfare.
There is only one program and those who purchased it in February will have the same app to the person who purchases one in three years time. The tablet is designed by hoof trimmers, the site by vets and consultants and totally managed by a computer development company.
The All4feet recording program can be used all over the world
Hope that gives you a better insight into the future plan of   ALL4FEET Ltd

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