Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hoofman moves away from Wopa

Hoofman moves away from Wopa after 20 years and purchasing 23 crushes to 800-1 contractor KVK model.
William Denny will be the operator of the 1st KVK at the Hoofman and should be in use on farm by the end of September.

The reason for the change is as farms get bigger and the window for hoof trimming gets smaller on farm, we at the Hoofman  are looking at a hoof trimmer and assistant on every machine to help with cow flow and cow group management.
The KVK we think tick all the boxes to offer all our customers a better service with less stress on the cow and a hoof trimmer that can concentrate on hoof trimming and treatment, while the assistant can work along side a herdsman and hoof trimmer to make a efficient operation in on farm hoof trimming visit. 

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